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Toe And Foot Heat Patch

Supplier: Pleisterhuis
Color: White
Format: 7x7cm
Series: Shoe
Application: Cold feet
Useful Life: 6-8 Hours
Description: Foot Heat Patch
Delivery time: 5 working days
Price: € 1,50 per set


Toe and foot heat patch Our adhesive toe and foot heat patch is a revolutionary heat technology product. It gives the foot a comfortable warmth for 6-8 hours, with an average temperature of 40 degrees and a high of 45 degrees celsius.

Toe and foot heat patches are standard equipment for skiers, snowboarders, campers, hikers, spectators at football matches or anyone who enjoys outdoor activities when the weather is colder. Also, these heat patches used by many people who work outdoors, such as people from the building industry, police officers, etc.

Toe and foot heat patches provide friendly warmth to people who suffer from cold toes or feet. The toe and foot heat patches effectively heat your feet. You can apply the heat adhesive patches stick to the bottom or top of your toes or under your heel. This adhesive heat patch should be applied to your socks or tights and not directly on your skin.

Toe and foot heat patches can be used anywhere. They provide a portable, long-lasting heat therapy. If you suffer from cold, sore feet and toes as a result of Arthritis, Raynaud's, Lupus, Scleroderma, Sjögren's, Myalgia or just poor circulation circulation has, the heat patches provide a soothing warmth.

How to use:

You open the package and you expose the patch to the surrounding air. Remove the paper on the back and stick the patch to your sock or tights. Within a few minutes the process is underway. You do not need to shake or knead the bag itself.
After the heat patches are finsihed you cannot reuse them. Dispose of them within your regular garbage as these are made from 100% natural ingredients and are environmentally safe.

Technical data:

Heat duration: 6-8 hours
Average temperature: 40 degrees
Maximum temperature: 45 degrees
Weight per heat patch: 18-20 grams
Heat patch size: 7.5 x9cm
Ingredients: iron, activated carbon, mineral salt and water.


Failure to adhere to the following precautions may result in serious injury or burns. Heat Patches are 40 degrees warm when the package is opened and can reach a maximum temperature of 45 degrees, which can cause burns if you apply it directly on the bare skin.

People with diabetes, frostbite, scars, open wounds, or circulatory problems should consult a physician before using the heat patches.
Supervision is required for the elderly, infants, children, people with sensitive skin and for those who are not fully aware of the sensation of heat.

Do not open the packaging of the heat patch itself. Do not come into contact with the contents of the bag with your eyes or mouth. If it does happen, clean well with water and contact your doctor immediately.

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