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Detox Foot Patches

Supplier: Pleisterhuis
Application: Detox Foot Patches
Useful Life: 1 Course of 30 days.
Description: 58 bags + patches. There are 2 bags in 1 package.
Delivery time: 5 working days
Prijs: Not available yet.

Available soon.
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Detox Foot Patches The Crystal Bamboo Detox foot patches not only remove all the waste from your body, but also extract metals too.

Strange? Not really: the sole of the foot is the place where most of the nerves come together. This innovative method is based on traditional Chinese medicine, such as acupuncture and reflexology.

A 30-day course of Crystal Detox foot patches gives you a huge energy boost:

-Patches give you new energy, vitality and happiness.
-Relieves indigestion.
-Prevents bloating.
-Promotes weight loss.

How does it work?

- In the evening, place the Crystal Detox foot patch on the bottom of your foot.
-Remove the patch in the morning upon rising.
-The first time they are used the patches become black in colour, the colour becomes lighter after a few days detoxification.
-One set consists of 60 sachets + Crystal Detox associated patches.
-Both feet can be treated simultaneously.
-Caution: Do not use during pregnancy or whilst breast feeding.

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