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Klinisport Cold Pack Instant - Klinion Cold Packs 15x21cm

Supplier: Pleisterhuis
Application: Klinisport Cold Pack Instant - Klinion Cold Packs 15x21cm
Useful Life: One time use.
Description: Klinion Klinisport Cold Packs are natural pain relievers. They can be used with: sprains, strains, contusions, bruises, headaches, migraine, toothache, fever, pain, inflammation (eg tennis elbow), nosebleeds, sunburn, insect bites and itching. Ensure that the granules are located at the bottom of the Cold Pack. Then squeeze the inner bag until the liquid is broken. Proceed to shake the contents together. Slide the Cold Pack into the accompanying protective sleeve and cool the painful area. Please do not discard the pack in your normal trash but treat it as chemical waste.
Delivery time: 5 working days
Price: € 2,00


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