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Nicotine Patches € 99, - For A Course Of 68 Days.

Supplier: Pleisterhuis
Application: Nicotine patches € 99, - for a course of 68 days.
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Price: € 99,00


Nicotine patches € 90, - for a course of 68 days. Roadmap 15mg Nicotine patches

Step 1: Use 1.5 nicotine patch (22.5 mg) 24 hours a day for 12 days.
For step 1 you have 18 nicotine patches needed.
Step 2: Use 1 nicotine patch (15mg) 24 hours a day for 28 days.
For step 2 you have 28 nicotine patches needed.
Step 3: Use 0.5 nicotine patch (7.5 mg) 24 hours a day for 28 days.
For step 3, you have 14 nicotine patches needed.

It is not necessary to use scissors to cut the nicotine patch, as there is a line in the middle of the nicotine patch. You can divide the nicotine patch by hand tearing it.

Nicotine patches as a substitute for cigarettes.

Quitting smoking is difficult, many people have several failed attempts behind them. You can choose to stop smoking by the all or nothing approach. But chances are that if you see others smoke then the desire for a cigarette is too large to resist. So this way seems simple, but many people fail with this strategy.

Are you going for the cold-turkey withdrawal method or do you want to succeed using nicotine patches? What you should know about nicotine patches when you want to quit smoking you can read here.

Nicotine patches that use real nicotine require you to take certain precautions and you should be cautious:

• If you have heart disease, problems with your blood circulation, high blood pressure,
- If you have thyroid problems or diabetes. Please consult your local doctor for advice.
• If you have serious heart disease. Your doctor can
tell whether or not you should make use of nicotine patches.
• If you are pregnant, talk to your gynecologist or midwife before you start
the use of nicotine patches.

Do not start using nicotine patches if you yourself know that you have are not
truly ready to quit.

Nicotine is a powerful tool that works on your brain. When you ingest too much, in whatever way you will get an overdose. Excessive intake may have effects on the central nervous system and can cause toxic reactions. An example of excessive intake may be when nicotine plasters are used in combination with continual smoking.

If you ever have smoked too much, you know the negative effects of excessive nicotine intake..

Nicotine overdose may lead to the following symptoms:

• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Light-headedness
• A feeling that you cannot get enough air
• Acute anxiety
• Irregular heart beat or pounding heart

The action of nicotine patches

The nicotine patch releases nicotine through your skin. The nicotine is slowly absorbed by the blood and throughout the day a constant but small amount of nicotine is issued to the body. The patch prevents withdrawal symptoms.

You stick the patch to a clean, dry, hairless area on the body. You can continue your daily routine as normal, carrying out such activities such as swimming and sports.

Nicotine patches have different strengths. There are versions for light smokers, moderate smokers and heavy smokers. Generally you wear the nicotine patch all day for several weeks. Then you switch to a lighter version. Always read the label carefully before use!

Consultation with your doctor in the following situations before you start using nicotine patches:

• You have high blood pressure
• You take medication for asthma
• You have a heart condition
• You are pregnant
• You take medication for depression

The patches are only a tool. You still need a different way of thinking and to integrate a new lifestyle if you want to successfully quit smoking.

Nicotine patches. How does it work?

Want to stop smoking? Then nicotine patches are a good tool to get rid of this habit. Nicotine patches ensure that you have the whole day a steady amount of nicotine into your body. The patch you wear 16 or 24 hours a day. This delivers a similar sensation as a cigarette. Some users have reported side effects such as skin irritation or insomnia. Use the patches only on intact skin, so rather not if you suffer from a skin disease such as eczema or psoriasis.

How do nicotine patches actually work?

When the patch is placed on your skin, the nicotine is slowly released. The nicotine soaks into the skin and then into your blood. Yet it is different than when smoking a cigarette. If you smoke a cigarette, there is a much larger quantity of nicotine released into your blood.

How to use nicotine patches?

When you wake up, you stick the patch on a clean, dry, hairless area of ​​skin, such as your arm or on your hip. You should not use the patch on shaved skin. The patch works for 24 hours. This patch allows you to also use it whilst sleeping. This gives you the next morning even less desire to smoke. A negative side effect can be that the 24-hour patch may cause insomnia.

What strength do you need?

The patches are available in three strengths: from 7, 14 and 21 mg per 24 hours. The strength of the patch that you start depends on how many cigarettes you smoke.

Cigarettes per day / strength of the patch:

More than 2 packets: Start with 2 patches a day
1 packet: Start with 21 mg - patches
15 cigarettes: Start with 14 mg - patches
10 cigarettes: Start with 7 mg - patches

What are some of the additional possible side effects of nicotine patches?

Skin rashes, headaches, insomnia, tension, nausea, diarrhea, itching, dizziness or excessive sweating. If you suffer from too many side effects, you can directly remove, by cutting, a part of the patch.

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