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Belt For The Heat Patches Black 115x15cm

Supplier: Pleisterhuis
Color: Black
Format: 115x15cm
Series: Belt
Application: For Heat Patches
Description: Belt for the back and belly heat patches black
Delivery time: 5 working days
Price: € 2,00 per piece


Belt for the Heat Patches For the back and stomach heat patches we recommend that the heat patches are not directly pasted onto your skin. The heat patches can cause burns.

To use the patches effectively and to ensure that they are tight on your skin, a special belt has been designed. This special belt has room for up to 2 heat patches and the belt can be used repeatedly. You can determine whether you use 1 or 2 heat patches at once.

The size of this belt is 115x15cm and is only available in black / white.

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