Bienvenue à Pleisterhuis, pour les meilleures patches chauffants et compresses froides instantanées à prix bas. Les patches sont appliqués aux muscles, ils sont souples et soulagent les douleurs. Vous pouvez également arrêter de fumer avec nos patches nicotine. Ils sont faits pour vous, importés d'Extrême-Orient.

Patchs de chaleur commentaires

What our clients say about us?

Some comments from satisfied customers we heat patches or toe warmers have delivered.

"Earlier I wrote about my experiences with heat patches. I recently received an email from, or their heat patches I also wanted to try again. Sure, come on!

In this article you can read my review of this heat patches. I can already tell you that there are some very nice specimens amongst them! "

People with Fibromyalgia and other rheumatic diseases benefit from heat patches.

Lisanne - Daman

"It surprised me about the price of € 1, - for a heat patch, but they are warm. It saves a lot of money with the brands that i have always used. Super".

Miriam - Amsterdam

"Well first of all the Toe Warmers work fine for me ...
When I ride, I do them about 10 minutes before I go on / off. I put them on my socks, as an insole under my toes. I then walk much, just because I was in the garden of the animals have to feed ... normally I already cold feet! but not now, and by the time I sit on the bike, they are warm.

At work I am doing my slippers and even then I have to Toe Warmers. If it is too hot (sweaty I think not fresh) is going to be, I put them in my shoes. If I take the children to go outside or end of the day just hop back under my socks and feet warm. Really great.

With walking or by car if I go away, I put them right at / on and my feet are too warm. It does not matter if my feet are cold or hot, they are simply hot.

Usually at this time of year (February), I could not in other shoes (heels, tighter shoes) because my feet hurt so `s the cold. So I'm very happy. "

Miranda - Purmerend

"The heat patches like excellent and I am very pleased with the competitive price.
I bought first patches of Cura Heat at Kruidvat but that cost 2 euros each.
Your patches are at least as good and keep my back 12 hours warm so I better day doorkom.
Since I have the patches but every day use, the costs are well on!
So I am a happy customer. "

Marian - Vlaardingen

"I am pleased with your good product for little money and fast delivery. I have nothing to criticize. Luck.".

Martine - Middelharnis

"At our office, I have always suffered from the aircon in my neck blows. A scarf works well, but is not ideal. Your neck heat plaster is quite thin and fits under my blouse. Wonderfully warm and nobody neck heat plaster can see. I'm happy with it. "

Jacqueline - Leiden.

"I often suffer from cold feet, even in the summer. That's why I almost always on my Uggs walking. But with Toe Warmers I can ordinary shoes. I am pleased with your Teen Heat Patches and especially with the price ".

Gwendel - Hoofddorp

"If I am cold, I put the handwarmers in my ass pockets of my pants. Soon as you sit down on this hand warmers, I get hot in my whole body. Too soon good for during the winter or if you are on the stands sits in football ".

Peter - Maastricht

"Fibromyalgia and Heat Patches, a good combination.
People with fibromyalgia often suffer more from symptoms when temperatures go down and thus colder. Also I can not escape and seek the warmth.
The heat patches of offer a solution. They relieve the pain caused by the heat it for about 10 to 12 hours radiate ".

Suzanne - Assen

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